Professional Guardians, Registered Guardians, and Geriatric Care Managers

Professionals assisting elders, by identifying ways to maintain the highest level of independence while balancing safety and quality of life. We understand the complex changes and challenges of aging. By providing respectful support we explore ways to promote self-determination with reasonable plans for the long term.
Enhancing Everyday Living

We provide care when it's most needed

Help Guide Families

During our lifetime we all experience transitions; times when we journey from one stage to another. These transitions range from chronic illness to unexpected health concerns as well as normal processes of aging. Geriatric care managers and professional guardians can help guide families and individuals through these transitions.

Meet Long Term Needs

We are practitioners whose purpose is to provide humane and dignified social, psychological and health care for the elderly and their families while meeting their long-term needs.

Provide Exceptional Attention

Elder Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality of care the elderly and their families through education, advocacy and the highest standards of practice.

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